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Sydney Showroom


                              Sample of display room harps. These include lease instruments

      Please be aware that most of these harps are currently unavailable, but can be ordered through us.

All models and finishes may be ordered through Harps Australia.


Shown (from left) are:

The Erard 1818, Style 23 Gold, L&H Concertino, L&H Chicago 47 S  available for rental not for sale ,

 L&H Chicago Petite 40, new Salvi Gaia,  new Salvi Mia. 


 See Spreadsheet on drop down "Buy Harps" for up-to-date pricing (Sydney)  at most recent AUD. Please contact us for current shipping prices and availability. 

Lever Harps: All sold

Heartland Harp SOLD

Salvi Delta SOLD


Salvi Mia 34 mahogany (lever gut) 

Salvi Gaia 38 natural finish  (pedal gut)  

Lyon & Healy Prelude 40 (pedal gut)  

Ogden 34 .

Pedal Harps:

Salvi Daphne 47 CG  walnut finish SOLD

Lyon and Healy Style 23 Gold. Event lease only

Erard lease only.

Lyon & Healy Prelude 40  Lever Harp

The Prelude 40 shown on right, is next to an Ogden harp. Designed with the performing harpist in mind, this romantic classic is crafted with a decorated Sitka Spruce soundboard for a rich, powerful tone. The Prelude 40 lever harp features string spacing and tension similar to a traditional Lyon & Healy pedal harp. Included with the new Prelude 40 are a scalloped bronze-finished crown and matching claw feet, as well as a classically turned wooden crown and stylized feet.  

Available in natural, mahogany and ebony finishes (price may vary with exchange rate) fitted with Performance levers 1st octave C to 6th octave C. The Prelude comes with a cover, tuning key and standard Lyon and Healy warranty.

Salvi Ana 40 Lever Harp

Mahogany, walnut, ebony and natural

Pedal tension stringing. Any finish you wish on special orders. With the true Salvi  smooth sound, it is ideal for the ensemble or recording studio alike. Or just the pleasure of the fine, generous tone. 

Salvi Gaia 38 Lever Harp

A beautifully crafted light weight instrument with the modern styling you can expect from Salvi. Pedal gut strings.

L&H Petite 40 Pedal Harp

Click above for link

 Mahogany (as shown)


The Petite 40 "baby" pedal harp is shown here in relation to the larger full concert grands.


Future orders/in stock prices will depend on AUD current exchange rate and shipping quote.

Salvi Daphne 47CGEx. Pedal Harp

Click above for link


A remarkable and affordable instrument with the traditional warm Salvi sound.

Lyon & Healy Ogden Lever Harp

Click above for link

An ideal harp for both professional folk harpists and beginners alike, the Lyon & Healy Ogden was built with a Hard Maple body and a Sitka Spruce soundboard to give it a rich, resonant sound. Its responsive tone is big enough for any venue, while the Ogden’s lighter weight makes it easy to transport.


Available in natural, mahogany or ebony finishes; fitted with Performance levers. The Ogden comes with a tuning key, carrying case and a 2-year limited warranty.

Now considered the industry standard.

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