Harp Rentals

Harps Australia provides rental and lease arrangements from the short (1 day) to  long term. We have a range of harps available to select from, with a number of rental pools in major cities (70+ harps).  We are also able to freight harps to some regional centers or to freight additional models to established rental pools.

Harp Options:

 34/36, & 39/40 string harps (fully levered)  and pedal harps in Melbourne,  Sydney, Canberra and several regional centres.  

We are able  to supply harps with ”lever gut tension” (light gut tension) or  ”concert harp”  gut tension (Sophia, Guster,  Lyon & Healy, Salvi and Aoyama lever harps).

Rental periods are for  6 month  (apart from short term events). Lever harps may renew for additional rental periods for as long as the customer needs the instrument.  


We offer a full deduction of the first rental period for both lever and pedal instruments  off the purchase price of an new instrument that is purchased from us. 

Pedal harps are available for event hire (weekly rate).  As these are valuable instruments, strict conditions apply. 

Finally, we offer a “travelling harper” short term rental period for up to one week for the convenience of professionals who need a harp to perform or practice on during their stay in Sydney (subject to availability of instruments). Price on application.

All our rental lever harps are fully serviced  before and after each rental customer. Pedal harps are regulated at two year intervals. Up to three broken strings per rental period are covered by Harps Australia. Thereafter strings costs are additional. 

Professional Harps

Harps Australia provides several top of the line models for professional harpists, when they are unable to have their own instrument available locally.

Student Harps
Photo, Video or other Publicity

Harps Australia provides a range of harps for film, photography and publicity work. These are available by the day, week or month.

We have provided a harp for the period film "The Moon and the Sun"  starring  Pierce Brosnan, to Forever New as an in store display, the Persian Festival and many photo shoots.